Mr. Ryan Abshire - Assistant Principal

Today we celebrate our Assistant Principal, Mr. Ryan Abshire, for Assistant Principal’s Week.

Mr. Ryan comes from a family of Educators. His Mom was an Educator for 32 ½ years and his Dad was an Educator for 33 years. Ryan’s wife is also an Educator and is currently the Assistant Principal at Meaux Elementary. He enjoys working with students and teachers. 

Mr. Ryan graduated from Gueydan High, earned his undergraduate in Math Education and his masters in education leadership from McNeese. He began his career teaching math at JHW (1998-2013), Assistant Principal at JHW (2013-2014), Dean of Students (2014-2015), and Assistant Principal at JHW (2015-2023). 

As a classroom teacher he enjoyed helping his students and being able to mentor them. Also being able to discuss life skills with them. He says, “It’s always great to see former students and see how they are doing.” He also mentions, “ As time and society have changed, as an Administrator, I enjoy assisting teachers whether it be in classroom management, or helping them with content issues”

Mr. Ryan feels, “ it is important for our students to have a positive role model. I feel I can guide them through the challenging times of middle school and hopefully assist them in making good life choices. I have chosen to stay at JHW for the past 25 years because I feel our students need someone to help guide them. I have built relationships with many parents and community leaders who have partnered to assist our students. I have taught the majority of our parents which makes conversations a little easier when calling home for student concerns. I can truly call JHW my home and hope to spend the next several years helping to raise our scores and change its perception in our community.”

In his spare time Mr. Ryan enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is  an avid hunter and fisherman, and also enjoys playing music and doing woodwork. He also spoils his faculty and friends with his great cooking as well. 

Mr. Ryan, we are very proud and honored to have you as our Assistant Principal at JHW.