Mr. Carl Simon - Para at JHW

We are thrilled to celebrate one of our paraprofessionals, Mr. Carl Simon. 

Mr. Simon has been a paraprofessional at our school for the past four years. He previously worked at Willow Charter Academy and Katharine Drexel Elementary School. Mr. Simon's love for our students at JHW keeps him motivated to help them succeed. Also witnessing the students light up with enthusiasm when their goals are met. Mr. Simon states, " I enjoy the camaraderie we have at JHW. My co-workers at JHW keep me excited to go to work each day and enjoy being among a group of people who strive to make sure our students at JH Williams Middle School  are top priority." Mr. Simon is a happy camper and enjoys working at J H Williams. 

We are all lucky to have you at JHW Mr. Simon!